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My drawing t
On the left, plastering features straight onto basic shapes. On the right, drawing shadows on top of a basic-shapes layout.
I know my anatomy is the worst, and I don't know what to do with the hair, but this is probably the best "human" (wink wink nod nod) I've drawn so far.
This was a good idea because I needed to start and finish a drawing quickly; I didn't know when the subject would leave or if someone else would sit/stand ...
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My drawing of the T-rex Roaring!
And this is what my drawing style look like back in 2013. Oh how I miss the way I draw girls. I just don't bother looking back at my work.
Don't worry that it doesn't look like a Disney illustration because sometimes hand sketched, simple line drawings are better. You can get tips from my ...
VANITHA S on Twitter: "My Drawing about Food day Today World Food Day. Please don't waste food. if u can help poor people. By #Vanitha… "
ImageMy Drawing Inspired from Hanabi. Hope you like it T^T ...
Hey there, my name is "I can't draw"!
Start using the eye-dropper tool to paint away the edges of your drawing. In a way, you're blending your drawing and the background of Mischief so that it ...
Creating t-shirts out of my sketchbook drawings!
I had shared the drawings on Facebook. Game on. But it didn't have the zing of the glasses.
i'm still making a little bit progress from my drawings. i am still not good enough at drawings because i haven't draw for years because of my busy schedule ...
art, creative, and draw image
Please dont wash away the colours in my already black and white world.
"Not Good Enough" - An Artists Perspective - YouTube
... drawings on paper first because my graphic tablet isn't good enough for that so I spent a lots and lots of hours doing my art. And to those people, ...
Slenderman x Jeff the killer Creepypasta shipping drawing by me (but notice! the Idea wasn't mine I was just trying to draw it) #anime #cp #drawings #games ...
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My “Before” Abomination of a Drawing
I had mixed feelings about drawing, but now I see the possibilities of creating a piece of art by looking at nature and persevering with my work.
My teacher says I can't draw cats.
Decided to put one of my drawings on a t-shirt. Started off with a sharpie drawing, added the New York typography in Illustrator & screen printed it myself.
Martyna Juszczak on Twitter: "@corbynbesson @whydontwemusic PLEASE LOOK MY DRAWING! #draw #drawing #sketch #love #poland #black #whydontwe #corbynbesson ...
Drawing Hands. "
Eye Drawing 11
This is a shot from the early stages of a drawing where I was just starting to pencil in the dark spaces in the mustache. In some of these gaps, ...
[One of my freshman year homework assignments, 2015–2016. Photo reference used.]
why cant i draw whats i see in my head
I've made no secret of the lust in my heart for Pencil on iPhone XS Max. Apple hasn't yet chosen to make that particular wish come true, but Iconfactory has ...
Just Some Fallout 4 Art (Pip-Boy Isn't My Drawing But The
I didn't question my skills as a kid. Drawing was just a tool to get my ideas out, not a measure of how good or not-good I was.
Screenshot of a JPG opened in Illustrator. Don't mind the ...
... skip the Photoshop step and go straight to step 2 to begin with Illustrator.
I Can't Draw, But That Doesn't Stop Me From Creating Comics About My Life
When I was almost finished, a guy was standing behind me, eyeing my drawing. he apologised for peering over my shoulder and said he couldn't help it, ...
Art For Ask Nikki June 28th
Take a look at the reference image and see if there's any white. I didn't find any true white, so there shouldn't be any white areas on my drawing. The ...
So it looks like with inking–as with anything else in life–the most important thing is practice and experience. The size of the brush isn't as important as ...
This is Haenuli, I am a fashion designer who owns a small brand and also an artist. My biggest hobby is drawing and doing creative stuff, but I didn't ...
... your drawings "If you can't measure it you can't improve it." ~ Peter Drucker (maybe) Pretty easy concept right? If you want to lose weight, ...
35 “I ...
How did you see my drawing. Don't pass by without droping a comment
Supplies vary from store to store — and while an extensive knowledge of pens and papers can be useful, you don't need to be an art major to find which tools ...
trex1.jpg 337.7K
So I finally decided to do what I hated: put aside the notebook, turn on the computer and re-watch some training videos. It was then that I realized I'd ...
My Little Pony: I Love to Draw!: How to create, collect, and share your favorite little pony! (Learn Drawing): Hasbro My Little Pony: 9780794428525: ...
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I also practised letting go of the way how the drawing looked like and drawing just for the fun of it (although I have to admit that didn't come easy).
Reference vs. my drawing 😅 I don't usually do stuff like this but
For a competitive person, having kids can be a bear. I notice when kids Finn's age can do things that he can't. I don't ever make an issue of it to Finn, ...
It seems like about a hundred years since I took a drawing class in college and so I don't feel especially confident in my drawing abilities.
Help your child to draw lovely pictures
From here to the end she didn't change much and this is where I was really caught up in the drawing and didn't stop to take a pictures.
Drawing of my baby (that I probably won't color bc I'm a lazy ...
I couldn't decide what pose to
But even so I'll still like and keep all my drawings even if their bad i don't really know why though lmao
I can't draw a stick figure.
Hey there, my name is "I can't draw"!
“I find it very important to constantly change and evolve my drawing style. You can't draw ...
Before this class my drawing skills were laughable, I couldn't draw much better
For the new year of 2016, I'm dedicated a small portion of each day to add some daily drawings to my new daily sketch journal. I haven't missed any days ...
You can visit my Instagram profile @danjohnsonart to browse through them on my timeline or all together in my highlighted story.
... Thanks for the upvotes! I think this is pretty awesome, especially from a non-trained whatsoever person. Don't know much about drawing.
Sleeping Angel. Radha & Krishna Drawing
And of course there's the wing-suit which must be a reference to one of my favorite films …. Brazil. Tiny dots make their first appearance, ...
I've been drawing for 30 years and I still make my best drawings from observation. I'm not sure it will ever change.
My #kratos is ready! Can't wait to play the upcoming #godofwar @santamonicastudio #illustration #art #creative #instaart #pencildrawings # drawing #ps4
How would I check my proportions on this arm? It's like a map that says, “I dunno, it's around here somewhere.”
Orc Drawing 13
And finally for my artist of note this week, I choose David Griffin, the former Visuals Editor at the Washington Post. David's work really couldn't be much ...
my drawings. I hadn't even realized she peeked over my shoulder! Of course I proudly and thankfully took the compliment and went outside
You could make the accusation that I'm inclined to love this picture because it's of me. But trust me, this drawing is bigger than me — it's bigger than all ...
Roblox Adventures - GUESS THAT DRAWING! (Draw My Thing in Roblox) - YouTube
I definitely recommend checking out the Royal Drawing School public courses. A tiny bit pricey, but definitely worth it!
When an idea comes up in my mind and there are no drawing materials with me, I don't have to worry about losing the idea because I always have my iPhone or ...
Hatching technique
I didn't forget my drawing challenge today! I'll have to paint
This was a good idea because I needed to start and finish a drawing quickly; I didn't know when the subject would leave or if someone else would sit/stand ...
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These two drawings are comforting to me for several reasons. I've often written through, and about, my depression, but I hadn't drawn through it before.
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Don't quit
I tried another one with a washing machine looming large on a street with residential buildings. Drawing buildings is my jam so I was playing to my ...
By the time of my thrift-store find, Walter T. Foster had about 60 titles, from “101 Heads” to “The Art of Rakusan Tshuchiya.”
My Grandmother is a super hero! Drawing on a T-shirt, for printed
Camille Henrot, My Anaconda Don't (2015).
Me and LizardBOI were trying to draw Jotaro in 5 minutes... here is my drawing... don't know if hes gonna show his though lol | JoJo Amino Amino
Bahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)Directed by S S RajamouliIn my drawing featuring the
You can visit my Instagram profile @danjohnsonart to browse through them on my timeline or all together in my highlighted story.
I don't always (or ever) draw unicorns, but when I do it's for my daughter's birthday (and yes, it helped make her day).