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I wish it wasn't so very true. I tell my husband all the
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Done adulting today!! | Funtastic Humor!! bwahaha! | Pinterest | Funny, Humor and Funny Quotes
31 Funny Pictures for Today
Franken what?
Honey It IS Homemade!
Don't take life seriously, it's only a temp job!
I love flowers....for me??? Pepe Le Pew Quotes
Just because it fits in the waist doesn't mean 'the girls' will
Journal de mes Vagues à Larmes Retro Funny, Retro Humor, Vintage Humor, Funny
Pepe Le Pew - the sexy skunk - I used to feel so sorry for the
23 Hilarious Minions to Save and Share -
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Pepe Le Pew, Bugs Bunny, Classic Cartoons, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Characters, Skunks, Tola, Space Jam, Childhood Days
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Funny Brother & Sister Greeting Card. Brother and Sister We'll Always Be, Just a Couple of Nuts off the Family Tree- FREE US SHIPPING
Post with 73 votes and 2364 views. Shared by nothingbutagoodtime. Busty Girl Perks and Probs Part
Interesting way to say "safe sex" lol
Ask/dare the Animaniacs and Vivian
... Question 287 by Ask-The-Fazbear-Bros
b for bel: Busty Girl Problem things-that-make-me-lol
If someone starts singing Sarah by Jefferson Starship, expect random shit to start flying through
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Discover LOL ideas on Pinterest | Funny images, Funny stuff and Hilarious
Why is it after I press one for English, I still can't understand
Don't Make Me Open This Can of Whoop-Ass t-shirts and gifts. This funny vintage design makes a unique gift for a woman who's run out of patience.
Steven Spielberg Doesn't Want The STAR WARS Job!! Nor Apparently Does Quentin Tarantino And..
Sleeping Around
my favorite cartoon Old School Cartoons, Old Cartoons, Looney Tunes Cartoons, Classic Cartoons
Not that I need a man to support me but it would be nice to not have to financially support him. Youre not a provider | suck on that! lol | Pinterest ...
Anti-pick up lines
Classic Cartoon Characters, Favorite Cartoon Character, Classic Cartoons, Disney Characters, Skunk
Kelly Higgs Botanical Art
Funny Card for Dad Fathers Day Card Dad I Am by TheSourPeach Happy Fathers Day Funny
You don't even know how correct this is. Funny Minion, Ninja Funny
Respect the Office, not the person
Funny Quotes : 75 Best Funny Quotes Life And Funny Sayings 24…
Hahaha Funny Memes, Funny Quotes, Movie Memes, Funny Pictures With Sayings, Funny #getinfected ☮
Items similar to Funny Vintage Friendship Greeting Card. We've been together though think and thin Kraft cardstock, Kraft card stock Design # 201528 on Etsy
Thankful Family Card | Funny Thanksgiving Cards | Pinterest | Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving jokes and Thanksgiving greeting cards
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takes energy I don't have .
Sorry we're late, we didn't want to come
The Professor from Rhymes With Geek sits in on this podcast again as we talk Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the blown-up FF movie cast and Oscar “I'm now ...
Looney Tunes Characters, Classic Cartoon Characters, Looney Tunes Cartoons, Good Cartoons,
As long as everything is exactly the way I want, I'm totally flexible | #gettoknowme #aboutme #defineme
X-rated Christmas Greeting.
retro funny.
Tom Mason- Falling Skies
Quotes About Selfish People, Some People Quotes, Fake Love Quotes, Lying Quotes,
#Divorce humor #Divorced Barbie#funnymemes#memes | Funny Stuff | Divorce humor, Humor, Funny
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Don't be so uptight, Popsicle.
Kelly Yarbrough
just having a little chat with my apprentice ⚒️
Rare photo of Abraham Lincoln with his iPhone
Hey folks, ... with another year of awesome images from the far future. Quint posted his earlier report - this time we have even more - and don't forget ...
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When the phone company tries to sell me something I don't need, which is always
$4.2 - Vintage Funny Quote Woman Photo Fridge Magnet 2"X 3" Collectibles #ebay #Collectibles
Yep! Everytime I need a laugh! Haha
The weekend is in sight, now we just DGAF Photos)
We're sorry... the feelings you are trying to reach have been disconnected & are no longer available. Please take your bullshit somewhere else!
25 badass ways to say no | Justine Musk - A Good Read by Success for
True Kinky Quotes, Sex Quotes, Love Quotes, Sassy Quotes, Naughty Quotes,
Ask all fnaf and fnac characters
Hey Girl...Social Work appreciation:-)
I Pay, Mermaids, Sweatshirt, Fat, Sweater Shirt, Sirens, Trainers, Little Mermaids
Thelma and Louise I Laughed, Thelma Louise, Retro Humour, Vintage Humor, Vintage
Hey folks, Harry here with the two new TRANSFORMERS one-sheets that you'll apparently get to see in tomorrow's USA TODAY, but why wait for USA TOMORROW, ...
Just say no to germs! I Love Friends, Friends Tv Show, Make Em
I Don't Care, Make Me Happy, Funny Quotes, Sunshine, Funny
Where did I put my tiara? Next best thing at
Anne Youel
Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics My directions aren't that bad. The ones who live in that area know the bowling alley so they just need to know that we ...
I have this to say to u Doughbag. ITS NOT FUNNY WHEN UR OWN BROTHER
/pol/ - Politically Incorrect » Thread #108615477
That's me! Man Humor, Funny Facts, Funny Signs, Funny Memes
Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 27 Pics Funny Troll, Haha Funny, Funny Memes, Jokes
Pepe Le Pew, Favorite Cartoon Character, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Vintage Cartoon,
Pepe Le Pew and Penelope - my fav!!! Good Cartoons, Looney Tunes
Bizarro for 8/21/2018
If you can read this.
Your suggestions... Are about as welcome as a liquid fart
Couldn't resist. Ketchup, Sarcastic Quotes,
Ventana Sur Rocks with Sales, Mass Attendance, Structural Growth
Ecard blunt card E card This would happen to me My life Lol, Haha Funny
noticed all the cleaning I did as a girl and the oldest of six kids..busy, busy!!
Afternoon roundup of the best pics and memes from the social media page, here we share 25 Freshest memes and pictures of the day that will making your day.