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Try this out with your fursona it39s fun Furry 3 en 2018 t
... ProfessorAurabolt · Aura refrence sheet 2018 by ProfessorAurabolt
SafeIs my fursona good/interesting?
SafeAfter being a furry for 3 years, I finally got my fursona drawn up! - What do you all think about it?
Nasuki (Donkey) - My first (and real/main) Fursona
Me as a furreh << no, no it isn't.
3. Many furries are into fur art. Many fans show off their various fursonas ...
MacEwan University researcher Courtney Plante says the number of furries is growing. “I don't think it will ever become mainstream.
I don't really consider myself a furry , but I love fursuiting ... if that makes sense | Anthro/furries in 2018 | Pinterest | Furry art, Fursuit and Anthro ...
️‍Dylan on Twitter: "Feelin' Myself... Another ootd cause these are fun as warmups ✨ I own this tank top irl and its a fav… "
So, here's the lowdown on the furry fandom and their furry personas -- aka " fursonas."
MemeMy brother shared this to me on Facebook (
My girls fursona, Cocoa Bean. I can't get better than this, it's my magnum opus.
I made Dan a fursona because we all know he's a furry now ...
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Fursona - Funny Furry Fandom T-Shirt
Some furry fans create and wear costumes called "fursuits" depicting their characters.
First Fursona/Furry OC, Critique Wanted ...
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Steven Schuck of Orlando, Fla., takes a selfie with “Erosa” and
Fur-suiters at Anthrocon 2010. Douglas Muth
Me and my boyfriend's fursonas chillin. Its a work in progress drawing so it isnt
Kelly Townsend on Twitter: "Ok, here's my new fursona! #FursuitFriday… "
Jen Graham Imada on Twitter: "Humbled by the furry community that came out to support #Lucifer and props to our production designer, Alex Hadju, for his ...
Its funny though. I get stared at for a second when
DiscussionI've ...
Furries are not ALL about costumes.
Animales para fursonas | Furry Español Amino
An example of the envelope the Furry Fiesta 2014 IARP Surveys were sealed in. This
I've met a few fellow furs,its awsome to know that your not the only one outta...500,I think it is.
A delegate dressed in a furry Lion costume peeks out
A fursona is an animal alter ego of that is very furry and is determined by your personality. Do you know which your Fursona? The test below is designed to ...
so today I grabbed my pencil and I drew my first fursona. I know It looks HORRIBLE but its just a draft and I really need to improve it.
Many fans show off their various fursonas by creating imaginative digital illustrations.
In the community: The artist who created the artwork on the user's wall turned the
“What the city does for us is just amazing, the way you folks just open up your arms,” Reo said.
Every time. in 2018 | stuff to save | Pinterest | Furry art, Furry comic and Funny
8:58 PM - 3 Jun 2018
Artwork courtesy of KunaCoyote
Trying to fill the new twitter with things, so here are some examples of what we can do! #fursuit #fursuitmaker #fursuitpartial #furry #furries # fursona ...
Members of Saluki Furry Society feeling free with their furry personas
#fursona hashtag on Twitter
Download ...
Midnight Woodland [center], a wolf-dragon hybrid, is new to the convention, attending for the first time. The lights on the suit are controlled with ...
Why, hello, furry friend.
SafeThe ...
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7) Are furries the same thing as bronies? my little pony
this is life lisa ling season 5 episode 8 ron 3_00004503
click to enlarge ...
Mens Proud Furry Fursona Yiff Scalie Furries Fursuits Fun T-Shirt 2XL Baby Blue
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Trying to fill the new twitter with things, so here are some examples of what we can do! #fursuit #fursuitmaker #fursuitpartial #furry #furries # fursona ...
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... someone really catches his eye.
Current 2019 Fursona Ref SFW by Flame-Expression
Something something Dan is a furry ...
My Fursona Can Kick Your Fursona's Butt Furry Furr by dominomart | Spreadshirt
Zabivaka The Wolf
Furries in Fort Collins respond to alt-right allegations, growth of subculture
Funny Cute OwO Sexy Fursona Griffin Fox Girl - Furry Black - PopSockets Grip and Stand
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DRAWING YOUR FURSONAS 2 *emotional* u(´Д`u)
SafeFor Princessluna44, your fursona was so fun to sketch out!
My Fursona Can Kick Your Fursona's Butt Furry Furr by dominomart | Spreadshirt
For many furries, the 2014 Eurofurence (celebrating its 20th anniversary this year) felt
Fursona Breakdown: "Maverick the Wolf Dragon"
My fursona is reflective. In both looks and personality, he's as similar to me as I can get him. He's essentially me, in the form of an anthropomorphic ...
Furry artist finds a sticker of his 'fursona' on a cop's gun—and Twitter loses it
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Feature: Scratching Our Curiousity Itch With Claws Of Furry Dev Terahard - Nintendo Life
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Twitter Furry Quiz
Approaching a community filled with so many rumors and misconceptions is no easy task. Fursonas director Dominic Rodriguez is not without his own biases, ...