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asylumstuck. I like the sprite but I don't quite agree with the description.
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I didn't understand at first, and once I did I actually laughed
Asylumstuck, one of my favorite AUs of Homestuck. Kawaii Anime, Homestuck, Fun
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Hussie: well this has gone completely fucking pear shaped, gues you're gonna have to decapitate me
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Homestuck>>>>>> all the yes || this is why i love roxy. Its not physically or mentally possible to hate her
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asylumstuck, homestuck, au
Homestuck - Level Up images with John, Jade, Dave, and Rose in their God Tier forms.
Their friends would make them have food in the house. Homestuck Dirk, Homestuck Funny
Schoolstuck I am such a Nepeta... Homestuck Funny, Funny Stuff, Cool
Jade looks so good like that and i realy wish i could jump in to the computer and hug dave :33
Summed up well - homestuck--- I saw someone with a bucket on their head and I couldn't stop laughing!
I can't tell if it's supposed to be john or karkat because it could honestly work as both
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In case you're wondering how dead/alive Sollux is. // ii told you once you liitle 2hiit2. dont a2k que2tiion2 about my dii2abiiliity or my mortaliity.
The driving habits of all major Homestuck characters... Bec's and Gamzee's tho BRO THO I CANNOT BREATH
Lots of Eridan is a thing I approve of.(iTS SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH HELP)
Andrew Hussie in one picture. HE EVEN KILLED HIMSELF IN CANON.
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So my friend and I have decided to learn the homestuck alphabet, and I made a simpler version in case y'all want it. Feel free to repin, credit to Turtles ...
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Jade probably can't eat chocolate now. That has to suck. D:
Mermaid Terezi and Human Karkat
One of my friends did this to me befor i read homestuck i said his name was the grinch and he liked to kill people and never loved anyone.
Hahah :)
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John and Dave and Space. John and Dave and Space Homestuck Dave, Davekat, Told You So ...
This person obviously doesn't know that's ANDREW HUSSIE. He doesn't need to read Homestuck. HE'S MAKING IT
The midday crew hehee Homestuck Funny, Davekat, Hetalia, Told You So, Wa
Equius is my favorite male troll. A squee bit of competition with Eridan.
Selling your soul to Andrew Hussie~ Hetalia, Steven Universe, Told You So,
It's true < < < literally every time I see the cup head thing he is pointing to someone from either homestuck or HiVeSwAp
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The truth is I ship everyone < < < < < I read that and fucking died Hahah me too, me too. | Homestuck MS paint | Pinterest | Homestuck, Told you so and Davekat
Can we just agree that rosemary being canon is one of the coolest this about homestuck
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((This is literally what Dad Egbert would've done if he could quit his office job.))
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drunk Rose district, based on this post I guess i can consider this as.
EVERYBODY would be that happy to be touching Dirk Strider damn that is a fine boy
How the signs get expelled from school - Aquarius Davekat, Home Stuck, Told You
Pre Retcon Vriska was a selfish glory seeking bitch, Post Retcon was more mature and realized the mistakes she made.
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Interfishin is the best panel are you kidding me
oh terezi you amazing troll you've done it again
Homestuck: Act 1.
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Movie Night with John and Karkat would just be like the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
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Some fun stuff for you :)
Got bored today xD decided to draw Tavros horns on the handicap sign at my park. H3H3 the stares I got.
Karkat: hey kids wanna buy some romcoms? < < you are a good person < < A+++
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You don't understand. I physically transform into Kankri when I start talking about Homestuck. I carry aroung a red sweater for these occasions.
are you callin me a fuckin cock
Told You So · XXXXD THE BEST JAKE FROM STATE FARM JOKE YET!!! Homestuck Funny, Homestuck
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equius and homestuck image
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I'm mostly like Terezi Dave and Karkat <== Pffff, are you kidding? Karkat's my favorite.
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Terezi lost her eyesight, Vriska lost an arm and an eye, Tavros lost his legs and Aradia DIED. Equius was a good morail.
Yay!! All my fantrolls have canon blood colors according to this chart :D
Karkat<>Eridan would have worked out WAY better than karkat<>
A bit vulgar, so trigger warning, but totally hilarious!
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It gives you wings tavros red bull
Forgotten Homestuck facts
Genderbent Equius by Cashtier on Tumblr Homestuck Equius, Homestuck Cosplay, Told You So,
I feel like this with all of my friends <== I'm a homestuck and I didn't even notice it was homestuck