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Gerard way is a lifestyle < < That and the fucking present Warner Bros dropped on us
I have one just like the one Yoongi is holding but it's a bit smaller Bts
Omg! He touching a girl! A girl I tell you!
ImageExcellent casting!
Undercover Cop at a Music Festival Starter ...
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So my assumption is that Tanya herself was a huge fan of that movie (which is itself about a virginal young woman who has to survive an encounter with a ...
"The Light Behind Your Eyes" by My Chemical Romance seriously the saddest song in the ENTIRE world, like seriously.
gotta love Squints haha :)
of July, The Sandlot. Now the song is stuck in my head.God done shed his grace on thee.
Gerard looks so much like his brother
Ken Olin - doesn't Jon Hamm looks like his twin? Or, long lost brothers considering their age difference.
I'm gonna sue you for hurting me like this! (I'm sorry it just.. It fits so perfectly I just had to xD)
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This is why I like Dean so much; he's as protective of his younger brother
People would like to think that there's somebody up there who knows what he's doing. Since we don't participate, we don't control and we don't even think ...
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oh my gosh, Yoongi 😂😅. ♥ Min Yoongi | #Suga | Agust D - Bangtan Sonyeondan | BTS ♪
The Eye 10, (The Eye 3 / The Eye Infinity), a 2005 horror film directed by the Pang brothers, starring Bolin Chen, Kate Yeung, Isabella Leong, ...
Adorable <3 (but then you realise this is actually sorta disturbing considering what the baby is)
Mylles Therese Jeffery
How many times have we seen his tongue?!
This right here is why I love Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley… that innocent face he makes!
LIKE I NEEDED YOU TO REMIND ME. Gerard Way. I'm going to see Green Day tonight in Worcester 3/17/2017. I have the same shirt as him.
... able to fix the issues, according to Andreas "znajder" Lindberg's statement, and despite qualifying for the major, which is now a week away, ...
The Sandlot by Glen Brogan the-2007-nba-all-star-picture-id73364583
mikey-ways-legs: “Danger Days Mikey appreciation ”
The Munsters You tell him herman
Gee is so freaking cute
People also love these ideas
Hard to believe this guy is a glittery alien dude in a suit now.
The perfect sweats: easy like (Tuesday) morning. CC Jay Alvarrez
DO u see it too!? | ONE PUNCH MAN & DOCTOR STRANGE #opm #DS
Brenda assures her brother that she's certain Nat will get a lot of money in the deal, but Brandon insists it's not about that.
Brooks Nielsen The Growlers
(Image maybe made by j0k3rCPG, maybe by elizabeth, but this is the internet, so who the hell knows?)
The 13 Most Important Life Lessons Learned From Mr. Feeny On "Boy Meets World". Seriously great!
I know "The Last Jedi," had very mixed reactions. I personally didn't like it. Some people agree, and some don't. But I have to say, for as much as I didn't ...
gerard way pictures | My Chemical Romance in 2018 | Pinterest | Gerard way, Gerard way hesitant alien and My Chemical Romance
I feel ya suga-- Me: *has just enough money to buy something worth three dollars* I'm rich
The Sandlot Roast session against the other team
Billy Burke...yes I see the resemblance a bit to my ex (a bit), my kids do too every time we watch a twilight episode...(i think it is the character and the ...
He is an actor, known for The Sandlot (1993), The Brothers Sinclair (2011) and Boy Meets World (1993).
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She also actually says the words, “I'm sorry I ever doubted you,” about her brother while she's hoping that he was able to somehow save the town.
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Just point your middle fingers to the sky and think: damn, I have it good
that slightly smudged red eyeliner along his waterline is giving me actual shivers. holy fuck
The Sandlot, Family Genre to Horror (1st attempt)
Gee Way is a cutie | MCRmy in 2018 | Pinterest | Gerard way, My Chemical Romance and Romance
Crazy Stupid Love
Why Kimmy Schmidt's Native Subplot is Great: A Native Fan's Opinion. The new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt includes a Native American subplot ...
The Last Song Liam Hemsworth,
.a malady without a solution.
Because whoever wrote this poem is a genius: | 15 Reasons Why The English Language Makes Absolutely No Sense
Oh gee is going to kill them for touching his frank get him gee get him
Gerard Way
Mike Vitar from The Sandlot Everyone had a crush on Benny... Benny From
The Grocer's Son Poster
the sandlot. then and now.
What's a baseball board without the Babe? Babe Ruth at Bat - 1928
I'm a goffy goober yeah! We are goffy gibber yeah- spongebob movie.
Gerard Way revenge era
When Jimin posts pics of the other members
Mikey Way and Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance Black Parade, Mikey Way, Bmth
"We got banned from the pool forever that day. But every time we walked by after that, the lifeguard looked down from her tower, rig… | Movies I Love!! in ...
Michael Fassbender with his Macbeth beard
A man after my own heart <3 Gerard Way is amazing. | My kind of humor in 2018 | Pinterest | Gerard way, My Chemical Romance …
"STOP IT YOUR GRANDPA DOESN'T DESERVE THIS" by | Cuphead | Know Your Meme. "
See the puff piece ...
I love this man.
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Bisexual theme! Dm for any requests! Love you guys [#lgbt #lgbtpride #bisexual #gay #lesbian #aesthetic #aesthetictumblr #tumblr #moodboards #moodboard]
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Tim Burton and Lisa Marie at event of Death and the Maiden
Einstein's Riddle (click through for full solution!) I will figure this out on my own... just need time to focus on it | Funny | Pinterest | Riddles, ...
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In photos you can see that his teeth are still intact
... like a sad idiot puppy.
I feel like I've pinned this before, but this is still my favorite
I love his long black hair in Loving it!
My Chemical Romance - Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro
even more quiddities and agonies of the ruling class - a new rolling new york times thread
“Shield” creator ...
Ginny is the best besides Eve. Where did you learn to act like that: my aunt taught me to curse, Snowflake senior is a snowflake, I hate Malfoy junior, ...
Magic Hovering Don Beebe agrees!
It's getting so bad and so distracting that sometimes it is hard to focus on the actual show.